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This page features several of my favorite compositions and arrangements. These pieces showcase the scope of my interests and depth of my skills. If you're favorably impressed by this online audition let me know how I can help you.

The full version of these pieces, and more special arrangements and original compositions, are also available on standard audio CDs. Click on the links at the left to order some great listening directly from me, the original composer/arranger.


Bolero In Blue — This song remained unorchestrated and unnamed for a long time. Then I tried it with a Latin Bolero rhythm, and the name Bolero In Blue seemed the perfect choice.

Dance With Me — Originally intended as a tango, I could never get it to sound quite right. So I tried a rumba rhythm and it came together to my satisfaction.

Down In New Orleans — The Dixieland feel of this song reminds me of New Orleans! Especially now that I'm living very, very near to New Orleans!

I'll Think About It Tomorrow — Inspired by a classic movie about the Old South.

My Christmas Dream — I can't really say where this song came from; it's just the closest musical expression of me. Unless you write music, I'm sure that's hard to understand.

Starlight — A song for a summer night.

Tango For One — This title is a play on the words "it takes two to tango."

The Foxy Fox Trot — I would love to partner with someone who can come up with a lyric and a better title for this song!

The Spirit of Christmas — I always wanted to write a melody that could be sung with Silent Night. This simple little song can be sung simultaneously with that wonderful old carol.

Very Viennese — As strange as it may seem, the locale of the movie Sound of Music was the inspiration for this song!

Winter Waltz — The inspiration for this piece came from a movie, or a TV ad, or maybe a picture in a magazine of ice skaters gliding gracefully on the icy surface of a frozen lake.

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