The Sounds of Serenity

Composed especially for hypnotherapists, massage therapists, Yoga and Tai Chi instructors, teachers, healers and care-givers, each of these CD's offer over an hour of music perfect for mindfulness meditations!

Professionally crafted in consultation with self-help and guided therapy experts, these selections are designed to integrate perfectly as a background for your live or recorded spoken-word programs. Yet the music is also sufficiently robust for use in centering one's meditative attention when used by itself without coaching.

Three different CD's provide three completely different programs ... no repetition between subsequent sessions. These CD's are compilations of original compositions, professionally performed by the composer, specifically intended for use as royalty free therapeutic music for self-help systems and for use by professional providers.

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Sounds Of Serenity No. 1 — $49.95

Sounds Of Serenity No. 2 — $49.95

Sounds Of Serenity No. 3 — $49.95